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How to optimise your WordPress SEO

Let’s improve your WordPress SEO! This blog post will give you some tips to help you improve your WordPress website’s Search Engine Optimisation.

WordPress SEO Plugin

There are many Search Engine Optimisation plugins available, but the one I recommend is Rank Math SEO. The plugin has a great User Interface and allows you to easily optimise your WordPress website for SEO

You can find out more information about the plugin by visiting the Rank Math website.

Alt Tag Optimisation

The Alt tags for all your images are very important as they help Google’s algorithms to know what the image is showing the algorithm can’t see the photo so the ALT tag can help with your website’s organic search rankings. Furthermore, if you use an image optimiser plugin, like Smush and Optimole, then these will compress your images and will help with the speed of your website which is a factor which is now taken into account by Google’s Algorithms.

It is also important that you get links from other websites which will help create creditability this will help with your website’s organic search rankings. If you trying to rank for local search good websites to get backlinks from are local listing websites like Yelp, also another good tip is to try and get a backlink from an educational website e.g. Universities.

Jonathon Roberts

Jonathon Roberts

Jonathon has been working within the SEO and Digital Marketing industry since 2019. Jonathon started in the industry while completing his degree in Business Management & Marketing Management at the University of Chester. He's now Senior SEO Executive at Fly High Media, helping businesses to grow their presence through SEO. Previously working at other local digital marketing agencies.
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