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How to find content ideas for your website

Have you found it hard to think or find any content ideas for your website to help improve your website’s performance in search results?

There are a few tools you can use that can help you think of content ideas related to your industry. In this blog, we’ll explore some of these tools. The best thing about these tools is that they are all free, so you don’t need to pay for generating content ideas.

Useful Chrome and Firefox Extension

SEO Minion

This extension which is now have to pay for since 1st June 2023 is amazing at extracting ‘People Also Asked’ questions from Google SERPs. You can install on either Google Chrome or Firefox browsers. Once you have installed this extension, you will see a new section within the Google search results that looks like the section below:

SEO minion extension in search results

Once you see this section on the right-hand side of Google Search, you can then click the dropdown section which normally says ‘PAA (3 levels – 10 sec)’ then select any of the PAA options, the more levels the more content ideas you can extract. If the search engine results page (SERP) doesn’t feature a ‘People Also Asked’ section then this tool won’t work, but if it does once you have selected the selection in the dropdown you can then click on the ‘Go’ button and this will then download an Excel spreadsheet with a list of questions people are asking. Then you can use these questions as content ideas for your website.

Download SEO Minion (Chrome)

Download SEO Minion (Firefox)

Detailed SEO Plugin

The Detailed SEO Chrome and Firefox extension, now features a ‘People Also Asked’ extraction tool, that enables you to search for specific topic and then if a ‘People Also Asked’ snippet is shown within the search results, then you can use the plugin to export the list of questions to an Excel spreadsheet.

Detailed SEO Plugin PAA Extraction Tool

Download Detailed SEO (Chrome)

Download Detailed SEO (Firefox)

Free and paid question aggregator websites

There are also some freemium tools (with free and paid options) that enable you to extract questions people are searching for, below three of the main tools that I recommend can be found:

Answer Socrates

Answer Socrates

Answer Socrates is a website similar to well-known websites like Answer The Public (now owned by Neil Patel) and AlsoAsked, however, at the moment this website doesn’t seem to have a limit on searches. This is what makes this website better Answer the Public and AlsoAsked due to both theses websites having limits unless you pay for an account.

Visit Answer Socrates


Answer The Public

Answer the Public

A freemium website similar to Answer Socrates which does have limits, unless you pay for a premium account. This is now owned by the well-known SEO, Neil Patel. This is still a good website especially if you only need to search for only a few topics and then you can extract multiple questions.

Visit Answer The Public




Another freemium website built by Candour Agency in Norwich, this also has limits unless you pay for a premium account, this platform is similar to Answer The Public and enables you to get a large number of questions based on your search query. This can still be a good website to use to get questions about any topic you enter. Just enter your topic into the search query box, and then this will list related questions to the platform.

Visit AlsoAsked

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