I have created a list of the 10 best free Digital Marketing Tools for Marketers and Business Owners. The tools can help from anything from Email Marketing to Search Engine Optimisation. I hope you find the list informative, and you can use some of these tools in your business.

Answer the Public


Answer the Public is a fantastic Free Digital Marketing tool that helps you to answer your customer’s questions. If you enter a keyword, the tool will generate a list of most asked questions related to that keyword. Which can help you find content to write about in your blog posts. Furthermore, this can help you answer the questions your prospective customers are asking. The free version only allows you to enter a few keywords each day which can be limiting to some users.   You can have an explore of Answer the Public at https://www.answerthepublic.com



This is a great free Digital Marketing tool which enables you to create content for Social Media. Canva also enables you to create loads of documents. Canva is a freemium tool which has a free version which I have found to have enough features for small businesses. There is also an affordable Pro version which adds even more features.   Have an explore and create some great content on Canva by visiting https://www.canva.com



This is a great free and paid Digital Marketing tool which enables you to add 3 social media accounts and schedule 30 posts at a time. Hootsuite is a great platform and makes it easy to schedule your posts for social media. The free version is great for new businesses.   Hootsuite is a great free and paid tool for social media scheduling: https://www.hootsuite.com



This is a great free and paid service which enables you to create really good and effective Email Marketing campaigns. The platform also allows you to create landing pages and can also be integrated into your WordPress site.   Have an explore and create some great email campaigns on Mailchimp by visiting https://www.mailchimp.com



This is a great free tool which enables you to create a fantastic website, WordPress enables you to create a website easily and has loads of plugins which helps you to create a really good website for your business.

Yoast SEO


Yoast is a free SEO plugin for WordPress which enables you to optimise your WordPress website for Search Engine Optimisation. The free tool enables you to optimise your On-Page SEO and enables you to add Schema markup to your website.   Yoast is a free WordPress plugin which enables you to optimise your WordPress website for SEO

Google Search Console


Google Search Console is a fantastic monitoring tool which enables you to watch the performance of your SEO on Google Search Results. It enables you to submit your website to Google Search Results so that you can get listed in the organic results of Google.  

Visit Google Search Console at https://search.google.com/search-console/welcome

Google Analytics


This is a great free Analytics tool that you can connect to your website which enables you to track the traffic to your website. Google Analytics is a great tool that enables you to record your traffic to your website and will enable you to see where your audience is.  

Google Analytics is available at https://analytics.google.com/analytics/web/ 



Inoreader is a great tool which enables you to follow blog posts and RSS feeds in one app. The app also enables you to share it to Hootsuite; so that you can share informative content to your social media platforms. It is also a great tool to keep up to date in your industry!  

Innoreader is available at https://www.innoreader.com



Ubersuggest is a useful SEO tool which enables you to look at the SEO of your website and will give you suggestion’s how to improve the SEO of your website. Ubersuggest is a great tool used by many professionals. If you log in with a Google Account it enables you to get more features from Ubersuggest for Free!  

Explore Ubersuggest at https://www.ubersuggest.com  

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